CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR New Berrien GOP Executive Committee

21 AT-LARGE MEMBERS - Convention Elected

First Name Last Name Jurisdiction
Gary R. Campbell Baroda Twp
Cindy Duran Lincoln Charter Twp
Jo Flock Niles Charter Twp
Michael Garey St. Joseph City
Kevin M. Gillette Lincoln Charter Twp
Dennis M. Grosse Niles City
Pat Johnson Buchanan Twp
Bernd Krebs Royalton Twp
Rodney Krieger Coloma Charter Twp
Keith Lubbers St. Joseph Charter Twp
Clay R. McCausland St. Joseph City
Adam M. Mensinger Baroda Twp
Ron Ravitch Bainbridge Twp
Matthew A. Rosenbaum Bainbridge Twp
Richard C. Stauffer Lincoln Charter Twp
Carol A. Stockman Royalton Twp
Cheryl Warner Buchanan Twp
Roger R. Warner Buchanan Twp
John Whisler Coloma City
Ken Woods Lake Charter Twp
David J. Yardley St. Joseph City

21 ELECTED MEMBER - Party Nominees


First Name Last Name Jurisdiction
L. Paul Bailey Sheriff
Bill Chickering Commissioner, District 5
Jim Curran Commissioner, District 11
Mac Elliott Commissioner, District 10
Jon Hinkelman Commissioner, District 2
Lori Jarvis Register of Deeds
John Kamer County Surveyor
Ray Kirkus Candidate Member, Dist. 9
Jeannette Leahey Commissioner, District 6
Neal Nitz Commissioner, District 8
David Pagel Rep., District 78
Debra Panozzo Commissioner, District 7
Zach Perkins Candidate Member
John Proos Senator, District 21
Al Pscholka, Jr. Rep., District 79
Mike Sepic Prosecutor
Michael Sleep Candidate Member, Dist. 3
Sharon Tyler County Clerk
Bret Witkowski County Treasurer
Bob Wooley Commissioner, District 1
Roger Zilke Drain Commissioner


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Berrien County News

  • Executive Committee Officers
Our Executive Committee Officers:
Chairman - Keith Lubbers
Vice-Chairwoman - Sharon Tyler
Treasurer - Matt Rosenbaum
Secretary - Bernd Krebs