Executive Committee

Purpose of Membership on the Executive Committee

Members of the Committee are expected to actively to work for the overall program of the County Party, to work for the election of Republican nominees and to actively participate in events of the Berrien County Republican Party.  The two year membership on the Executive Committee requires attendance at the Executive Board meetings held on the second Saturday of each month. Three consecutive unexcused absences constitute removal from the Executive Committee.

Committee Officers

Chair: Dennis Grosse

Vice Chair: Lora Freehling

Secretary: Michelle Heit

Treasurer: Shelly Weich

At Large Members

Kim LaSata - Senator 
Michigan 21st Senate District


Brad Paquette - Representative 
Michigan 78th House District


Pauline Wendzel - Representative 
Michigan 79th House District


Steve Pierengeli - Prosecutor


L. Paul Bailey - Sheriff


Sharon Tyler - County Clerk


Shelly Weich - Treasurer


Lora L. Freehling - Registrar of Deeds


Christopher Quattrin - Drain Commissioner


John Kamer - Surveyor


Dave Vollrath, District 1 County Commissioner


Jon Hinkelman, District 2 County Commissioner


Bruce Gorenflo, District 5 County Commissioner


Julie Wuerfel, District 6 County Commissioner


Dr. Robert Harrison, District 7 County Commissioner


Teri Sue Freehling, District 8 County Commissioner


R. McKinley Elliott, District 10 County Commissioner


Jim Curran, District 11 County Commissioner


Michael Majerek, District 12 County Commissioner

Delegate Appointed

Larry Burghdoff

Vicki Burghdoff


Gary R. Campbell

Peter Colovos


Kevin M. Gillette


Lawrence Goldberg


Dennis Grosse


Ann Hart

Michelle Heit


Pat Johnson

Keith Lubbers

John Proos

Al Pscholka

Scott Sanford

Kristene Walton

Cheryl Warner

Roger Warner

Cassandra Weaver

Rick Weaver

Joyce Wendzel


David J. Yardley